I have always being interested in wildlife and nature and started off filming Birds in my back garden with a cheap camcorder as they built their nest's and reared their young. Then in 2007 i took up photography and joined Mid Louth Camera Club and gained an Irish Photographic Federation LIPF Distinction.
I have being lucky enough to have won IPF National photographic awards for Nature photography including best "Irish wildlife image 2009".I have had images published in some of the Irish national newspapers and again in some of the British newspapers,also in international media as far away as India and New zealand. I have featured on TV shows including the Late Late Show and the Capital D Show
and on Derek Mooney’s radio show “Mooney goes Wild”. Some images have been used by Americas Satellite station PBS.

The new DSLR camera's now have full HD Video capability and I have been video recording as well as photographing wildlife. I did a small piece of Video for the RTE Series
"Secrets of the river Shannon "including Kingfisher, Pine Marten and Red Squirrel which also shown on PBS America.

When i go out to photograph a species i know the shot i want but don't always get it. Its great when you do get it but if I don't I never go home disappointed as i love getting out there on frosty mornings sunny mornings indeed any mornings to see what will present itself in front of you.
There is something indescribile almost magic about getting out there before the sun comes up and watching as nature awakens. To watch a kingfisher dive into a river and catch a minnow right in front of you is indeed a privilage.to watch an otter in the early morning light or an Owl as it glides across a meadow. that's what makes it all worthwile for me.